i was bOrn in 1987 and i have 1 brOther, 2 sisters, my self, 1 yOunger brOther and 1 yOunger sister..i'm dOing my degree rite nOw and will be graduate sOon..(insyaAllah)..i have a great family members that really LOVE me.. I am especially grateful to my mother, my greatest friend for all times, for her understanding and wisdom. She seemed to understand me even when I myself hardly did, and could always find such words that would offer me a sound view of the situation and give hope for the better..i wish that i can say thanks 2 my dad..For me he was always the source of stability, confidence and family warmth. He gave me the feeling of assurance, for I knew he would always stand for me and love me as his daughter, no matter what happened.. I am very grateful to my parents, because they presented me with a unique gift the awareness that you are loved not because you are beautiful, clever, perspective or rich - you are loved as you are, and will be loved irrespective of anything..

God truly blessed me when he sent them to me. They have love, support and kindness. These kind of people you don't come across too often in life, so I intend to hold onto you. They will listen to my problems, and give advice when i can’t find it in my own heart even when the truth may not be what i want to hear. They’ll do anything no matter how silly and crude just to make me smile.My flaws are embraced these amigos know i aren’t perfect. They’ll accept me for who i am- even if they disagree with who i am or what i do. I can call them any time of day- rain or shine just to have someone to talk to, to cry to. thank you gOd 4 blessing me with a gOod FRIEND..